On Thursday evening, October 26, a large group of community women gathered at the Young Israel of Queens Valley for a challah bake led by Mrs. Rena Greenberg, well-known morah and speaker. The challah bake was for a z’chus for the soldiers in Israel and also in memory of Rena’s daughter, Bryna Brachah bas Aryeh Yaakov a”h.

On Wednesday evening, October 11, Rabbi Fischel Schachter, well-known speaker, storyteller, and author, shared divrei chizuk at Yeshiva Ohr Yitzchok in Brooklyn. He shared a quote of what President George W. Bush said after 9/11. “The sun has set on a different America.” Rav Schachter said, “This Simchas Torah, the sun set on a different klal Yisrael.” He said that today it’s a different world. It’s out of the range of what we can absorb.