Pardon me, but I just had to ask,

Why is it that you’re not wearing a mask?

Would you knowingly harm

A neighbor or friend?

Or a stranger

Whom you’ll never see again?

Or a mother-to-be,

How about her?

Do you want to risk being

A bad messenger?


Do you think you’re immune

Because you are young,

Accomplished, educated,

Zen calm, or high strung?

Do you think that being

Socially connected

Can keep you protected

From being infected?!

Has life dealt you “hard knocks”?

Think you’re done paying dues?

Or that COVID-19

Is just more “fake news”?

Perhaps you posit

As an aristocrat,

Your safety is pat –

Good luck with that!

Can’t deprive the world

Of your fine symmetry?

Concern for your fellow

Is the new dernier cri!


Many people are gone,

Some more worthy than us.

So please stop your fuss,

And get on the bus!


We’re vulnerable now,

Can’t take things for granted.

Mustn’t act laissez faire,

Though some rules seem high-handed.

For the first time in history,

We lost synagogue prayer.

Please don’t give Hashem

Cause to take us back there.


So, please wear a mask,

Don’t be cavalier.

Help us merit to see better times

Than we’ve seen this past year.

We must pull together,

We once used to know how.

Then perhaps Hashem’s mercy

Will shine on us now.

By Sharon Marcus