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It was an evening of multi-generational bonding when fathers, sons, cousins, and friends set out on an Emet-style fishing expedition. Participants gathered on the deck of the “Super Hawk” in Point Lookout for Minchah and then tried their hands at reeling in a catch. Rabbi David Delman, Emet’s fishing expert, provided tips and encouragement. The main “catch of the day” was actually the connections that were made during the kumsitz and conversations. The night offered a relaxing opportunity for Emet educators, students, their families, and friends to enjoy each other’s company in a fun and spiritual way.

The Queens Jewish Community Council presented the Annual Bukharian Festival on Wednesday evening in Cunningham Park. Margaret Tietz Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is a proud sponsor of these wonderful annual concerts for many years. The concert went on, even given the inclement weather, which did not seem to bother the many that were in attendance. Dancing, great music, raffles, and giveaways from Margaret Tietz added to the very festive atmosphere.

Dr. Naomi Saar, LCSW, PhD, saw a need in our community and she stepped up to fill it with compassion and sensitivity. Dr. Saar is using her vast social work expertise and background to start a support group for single women, ages 25-50, which will be divided into age groups. She noted that “An older single in our community has to deal with so many sensitive issues. There is dealing with shadchanim, choosing whom to date, and choosing which events to attend; for some there is the issue of being able to bear one’s own children, seeing friends marry, bitachon versus emunah, staying positive, self-care, continuing with life, the challenges of living at home with parents as an older single and the challenges of living alone as an older single, the challenges of staying connected with good friends who marry, and the challenges of younger siblings marrying.” Yom Tov itself presents challenges. Will the single woman or man be expected to do more of the work because she is single? Another Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur approaches and something singles have davened for so fervently for all year has still not come to fruition, and it’s another year with no spouse. It could be painful for single women to see many women who are contemporaries or younger women married with children coming for t’kias shofar with their children. A single man is in shul still without a talis. There is the difficulty of planning meals, not having to eat alone or being home with married siblings. Sometimes women living at home have to change their room when married siblings come home, or they are expected to do a lot of childcare because they are single.

The Central family welcomed a number of wonderful new faculty and staff members this Fall! Ms. Kymberly Baker, familiar and beloved by many YCQ students from her experience there, will be working at the front desk and part of the Central Admissions team.