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When the news of the p’tirah of our beloved longtime mara d’asra, Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld zt”l, was announced in shul, I could hear people saying, “I’ll never forget the time our Rabbi did...” Having worked and learned with our Rabbi for over 40 years, I would like to share with you my own recollections of HaRav Mordechai Shraga Feivel ben Shmuel Shabsai HaLevi zt”l.

For as long as I can remember (which admittedly isn’t a large portion of Grandpa’s life, but it is what I have), Grandpa would ask for the kavod of g’lilah and not Levi. I will soon share the reasoning for this, which I’ve heard Grandpa explain many times, as I’m sure others have, as well. But it wasn’t about anavah, at least not in the superficial sense. It was about who Grandpa was.

Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld zt”l took KGH’s potato fields and helped turn them
into the flourishing Jewish community we live in today

The loss of Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld zt”l on Sunday at the age of 96 was felt immediately throughout Queens and reverberated in every corner of the Jewish world. But for those who call Kew Gardens Hills home, his impact will slowly become even more apparent.