Students in grades 1-4 gathered at the Bnos Malka Academy to celebrate some of the wonderful learning taking place in the classrooms. In conjunction with the school-wide learning about Sh’mitah, each class undertook a study of something pertaining to the mitzva of Sh’mitah. Parents enjoyed seeing each class’ beautiful and creative Sh’mitah project, while the students were proud to show their newfound knowledge to family and friends. “I was surprised to see such detail in the girls’ work and how much they really knew about Sh’mitah,” remarked one proud parent.

Bnos Malka Middle School celebrated amazing educational achievements, as well. Each student displayed a triboard containing the results of research that they have done over the past few months. In the fifth grade, the girls had a State Fair, where the girls researched and presented one of the states in the USA. The sixth grade had a World Fair where the students researched and presented countries in the Eastern Hemisphere. The seventh and eighth grade girls produced their own Science Fair projects. Each girl selected a topic of interest and tested her hypothesis using the scientific method. The judges were incredibly impressed by the girls’ presentations and the level of their work.