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Achiezer did not disappoint with its third installation of the Jewish Healthcare Conference and Expo this past Sunday at the TWA Hotel in Queens. The array of featured medical resources covered the gamut of the healthcare arena, showcased by Northwell Health’s wide range of services and its facilities both in Valley Stream and Forest Hills. The event provided for Jewish healthcare consumers, caregivers, vendors, and service providers to network in a vibrant space highlighting proactive healthcare and eldercare. Empowerment and education were at the forefront of organizers’ and presenters’ minds, as attendees sought solutions for either themselves or others in their midst. One Kew Gardens Hills resident noted that he attended to find available resources for his mother-in-law as she had just moved into his residence with early stages of dementia. So, inspired by an early lecture, this gentleman hastily arranged for his mother-in-law to join. Achiezer board member Dovid Bloom stated how powerful of an experience it was to witness such a variety of people seeking their own avenues to deal with the years that are to come.

Torah scholar Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker will keynote the Orthodox Union’s (OU) Women’s Initiative Weekend of Inspiration in Far Rockaway and Queens, addressing “A Woman’s Approach to Cheshbon HaNefesh and T’shuvah.” Her presentation will explore how to develop a practical and empowered attitude towards self-evaluation and improvement without self-condemnation and guilt.

In its ongoing efforts to provide klal yisroel with inspiring and meaningful Torah programming, Agra D’Pirka introduces its inaugural pre-Yomim Nora’im shiurim to be held at two of its flagship locations. According to Agra D’Pirka founder R’Ezra Klein, the new program will fill a void.  “It’s a dramatic departure from what we’ve done in the past,” he says.  “We are entering areas where we see a need, where we can bring our reputation for excellence in providing outstanding shiurim to the Torah public during major high points of the calendar year.”  

Psalms 113-118 constitute the Hallel (Praise). These psalms focus on Hashem’s saving power and are used during Pesach, Shavuos, Sukkos, and Chanukah to praise Him for various aspects of His saving power.