Community safety and quality of life issues were highlighted this past Sunday afternoon, April 30, during a meeting of the minds with local NYPD brass and community leaders at the Kew Gardens Synagogue Khal Adath Yeshurun, “The Big Shul.” The gathering included Jewish lay leaders from both the Kew Gardens and Richmond Hill communities, bridging the neighborhoods. Captain Jeremy Kivlin, Commanding Officer of the 102nd Precinct, joined by his NCOs and other executive officers, listened intently as matters concerning the Jewish community were discussed. The community was represented by local influencers, as pictured left to right: Gideon Levy; Rabbi Avrohom Hecht, Director of Project Lead; Aaron Cyperstein, President of Chaverim of Queens and Co-President of Khal Adas Yereim of Kew Gardens; Gedalia Bienkowitz, Co-President of Khal Adas Yeshurun of Kew Gardens; Mark Harris, Co-President of Khal Adas Yereim of Kew Gardens; Rabbi Daniel Pollack, Clergy Liaison to the 102nd precinct; Captain Kivlin and his staff; Rabbi Leibel Rockove and Rabbi Binyomin Mittel, co-rabbonim at Khal Nachlas Avos. As the warmer weather brings children and families out, the neighborhood leadership encourages safety foremost for the thriving kehillah.