Twenty-six students inducted into the National Honor Society

On Tuesday evening, December 3, HANC High School held its 44th National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, honoring its current members of this prestigious organization and welcoming 26 inductees into the Maalot Chapter. Members of the Honor Society must maintain a 92 average and represent excellence in Torah, scholarship, service, character, and leadership.

Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, Principal/Menahel, opened the ceremony in the HANC auditorium with a brief d’var Torah emphasizing the importance of living a life as a true ben- or bas-Torah. This was followed by the Star Spangled Banner and the Hatikvah anthem by music teacher Mr. Jacob Spadaro.

Mrs. Marie Palaia, Associate Principal and Faculty Advisor of the Honor Society, greeted the audience and introduced the officers of the Honor Society. She welcomed the officers to the stage to light candles and speak about the main tenets that represent the pillars on which the Honor Society stands. Co-Presidents Ali Lenefsky and Jonah Seiden, Co-Vice Presidents Nava Lippman and Gabe Lovy, and Historian Moshe Wieder each delivered a short d’var Torah and an explanation before lighting their candles.

Principal Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, Associate Principal Mrs. Marie Palaia, and Assistant Principal Ms. Tziporah Zucker presented the new inductees with their official certificates and membership cards.

Professor Quin Murrell, Math Department Chair, was chosen by the members of the Honor Society to deliver the keynote address. The audience was riveted by Professor Murrell’s delivery and poignant message as the importance of shaping the world and making a difference while keeping to the academic pursuit.

Rabbi Daniel Mezei, Director of Student Life, and Mr. Avi Smus, Dean of Students, took the stage to read the accomplishments of our senior members and thanked each student for his or her service to HANC.

After the presentation, all members presented a yellow rose to their parents and grandparents to show their hakaras ha’tov for guiding them to where they are today. The induction ceremony concluded with an elaborate collation.

Mazal Tov!