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James F. Gennaro is running for City Council because he believes his crisis management experience is needed in managing the COVID crisis, his budget experience is needed to help see the City through its second COVID budget, and his practical, common sense approach to governing is sorely needed when the prevailing political climate seems to favor political philosophy over much-needed practical and fair results-oriented government. Governing, he believes, is an action verb – it is about doing, it is about achieving, not merely discussing. No one in New York City has his depth of experience and legislative achievement with the Council, and no candidate in this race has his proven record of service to the residents of the 24th District. His proven record of accomplishment and experience is the difference.

The local Jewish communities paid special tribute to the dedication and daily sacrifices of the local law enforcement this past Friday, December 25. The day was somber for Jews around the world, as many were fasting in accordance with the laws of Asarah B’Teves, which recognizes the siege on Jerusalem that eventually culminated with the destruction of the first Beis HaMikdash.

One who is seeking health should remember not to place his faith in doctors, but rather in Hashem, who grants the doctors their ability to effect a cure. There is a famous story told of a man suffering from a terrible illness who traveled to the tzadik Rav Yitzchak of Neshchiz and begged him for a promise that he would be cured from his illness. Rav Yitzchak refused to grant such a guarantee, but the man continued to beg him. Finally, Rav Yitzchak told him, “It is possible that you will be healed, but I cannot promise with certainty that this will happen. The problem is that you have forgotten to place your trust in Hashem, Who alone can save you, since you heard that ‘there is a man from Neshchiz who is a wonder worker,’ and you placed your faith in him! When you again place your faith in Hashem Yisbarach, then you will merit your salvation!”

…and Fresh Meadows and Holliswood! Chanukah celebration was different but not forgotten here in Jamaica Estates, as we put a new twist and a few turns into our Chanukah planning. During a pandemic, how do you celebrate a holiday that’s traditionally full of indoor chagigos and filled with close family, friends, fun, and laughter? You bring it outdoors!

As Someone Who Never Attended SINAI

My parents did not send me to Torah Academy of Bergen County (TABC) for high school because TABC hosted a SINAI school.  But the life lessons that I learned from going to high school together with SINAI students were profound and had as much impact on me as anything I learned in class.

January 24, 2019, changed the face of voting in New York State and ushered in a 21st century vision. The voting reforms made changes that impact our communities and the way politics progress. New Yorkers are not permitted to register to vote unless they will be 18 years of age by the end of the year, and by the date of an upcoming election. Cuomo’s bill allows for minors, 16 and 17 years of age, to pre-register to vote, meaning that a voter will automatically be registered on his or her 18th birthday.