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HaGaon HaRav Aharon Walkin zt”l represented the true spirit of Queens, stemming from his upbringing. Rav Walkin was one to never mince words and always said things straight, as they were relishing in Hashem’s sacred Torah. Rav Walkin presided as the rosh yeshivah of the Chazaq Beis Midrash Bais Nosson Meir and the rosh kollel of Kollel Zichron Moshe V’Leah, both in Queens, where his genuine warmth was felt, and was the rav of Khal Bais Aharon in Lakewood, New Jersey, where he officially resided. Rav Walkin’s infectious smile helped one ease into learning. It was the Rosh Yeshiva’s passion to help his disciples, from students to professionals, devote their assigned times to the Torah. His profound involvement with the advancement of our community is interconnected with his own life experiences, which paint a colorful picture of American Jewry.

Olam Chesed distributes goods to needy families through a network of volunteers and partner charities, empowering them to lead healthy and productive lives. On Wednesday, March 18, Olam Chesed delivered over 50 packages to New Rochelle families under COVID-19 quarantine. A week later, Olam Chesed offered the same services to over 100 SAR families in Riverdale.

Life will always be filled with challenges – sometimes big, sometimes small. The key to staying calm and positive in challenging times is doing what we can to seek out and connect to the Source of simchah – to Hashem and the hidden light within ourselves, and those around us and the situations we find ourselves in.