Last Monday evening, Ezra Academy unveiled a new parent engagement program. The goal of the program is to invite the parent body multiple times throughout the year to come to enjoy the same exciting blend of Torah classes and extra-curricular activities that their children receive on a daily basis. The program debuted as a mother-daughter event in commemoration with Rachel Imeinu’s yahrzeit (yashvo).

The women gathered in the multi-purpose room, where they were greeted by several of the Limudei Kodesh teachers. After a little socializing and light refreshments, the official program began. Tzivia Kay, a well-known and extremely talented artist, led a candle-making activity. The women chose from an array of molds and began to color the wax. As the candles were forming, those in attendance were enraptured by words of chizuk from Ms. Meira Zakutinsky, one of the moros at Ezra. She spoke of Rachel Imeinu’s deep-rooted strength, which she passed on to each and every one of us, the ability to keep our accomplishments a secret. With maamarei Chazal and stories woven so beautifully together, the women were left wanting to hear more.

The women finished making their candles, which were then put into beautiful candleholders. These candles will likely remain intact as a reminder of a beautiful evening of bonding and growth, as will the fire of inspiration.

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