[I am taking a break from our regular series to present some articles on various halachic issues that have arisen because of the coronavirus. May the z’chus of these halachic discussions bring a r’fuah sh’leimah to all those who need it].

Question: What should be done where a bris milah was performed before the eighth day?

 Short Answer: While some poskim rule that hatafas dam bris (i.e., symbolic drawing of blood) is necessary where a bris milah is performed before the eighth day, the Rama disagrees and rules that it is unnecessary. However, even the Rama agrees that a milah performed at night requires a subsequent symbolic drawing of blood during the day.

Question: If the father of the baby is returning from a business trip overseas on the eighth day, can others perform the bris milah without the father, or must they wait for him to arrive?