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S’farim Without Hashem’s Name

Question: May one throw out an old, worn-out sefer that does not have the name of Hashem written...

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Question: May a student lean at his rebbe’s Seder table on Pesach?

Short Answer: A student may not lean in front of his rebbe without permission. If permission is given, there is a machlokes whether the student may lean (Aruch HaShulchan) or whether he is required to lean (Mishnah B’rurah).

Question: What should a child call his father who is also his rebbe muvhak?

Short Answer: The prevalent custom is for a child to refer to his father as “Father” (or Daddy, Totty, Aba, etc.) as opposed to “Rebbe,” even if his father is also his rebbe muvhak. Nevertheless, there were certain poskim who referred to their father by the title of “rebbe.”

Question: Must a girl give the same respect to her morah as a boy must give to his rebbe muvhak?

 Short Answer: While many poskim rule that a woman’s morah does not have the same status as a rebbe muvhak, it is proper for the girl to treat her morah with respect, including by standing up for her.

Question: May a mikvah melt snow to fill the mikvah instead of water (i.e., if there is not much rainfall)?

Short Answer: According to many poskim, snow may be used to fill the mikvah, but one should not immerse until the snow melts. Nevertheless, there are certain stringencies involved in transporting and melting the snow.

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