Question: Now that we are davening in our homes, must we daven at the same time that we normally daven?

Short Answer: Assuming that there are no more minyanim in Queens, one may daven at any halachically valid time, and does not need to daven at the same time as his now-canceled minyan. However, if there are rogue minyanim still taking place in Queens (chas v’shalom), it is unclear if one must daven at the same time as these rogue minyanim.

Question: If the father of the baby is returning from a business trip overseas on the eighth day, can others perform the bris milah without the father, or must they wait for him to arrive?

[I am taking a break from our regular series to present some articles on various halachic issues that have arisen because of the coronavirus. May the z’chus of these halachic discussions bring a r’fuah sh’leimah to all those who need it].

Question: What should be done where a bris milah was performed before the eighth day?

 Short Answer: While some poskim rule that hatafas dam bris (i.e., symbolic drawing of blood) is necessary where a bris milah is performed before the eighth day, the Rama disagrees and rules that it is unnecessary. However, even the Rama agrees that a milah performed at night requires a subsequent symbolic drawing of blood during the day.