Sinwar and Khamenei

Have lots of good friends

Pompously convening

At the UN.


Amalek’s chieftains connive,

Vile demons at play,

Sessions just like

A meeting of the KKK.


An axis of evil,

Corruption and hate,

Sitting on

Prime real estate;


Fuels every resolution,

The dream objective:

The Final Solution.


Israel called

Public Enemy Number One,

Charged with every crime

Under the sun;

Atrocities on her citizens

Are celebrated,

Cause for more sanctions

To be generated,

Not once condemned

October seventh’s genocide,

Israel’s self-defense

For survival

– That alone, is decried.


No need to wash

Those bloody hands

Of massacres conducted

In your own lands;

You’re with comrades

Who share your vision,

Given carte blanche

In your inquisition.


Human rights

Are defended, theoretically,

Though we thrive

On murder and savagery;

Female circumcision and slavery

Are cultural norms

In our society;

We now judge you all,

Our star is risen,

The world bows to us

In submission.


Cowardly nations

Compliant, defer

Not only silent,

They concur

“Better in the devil’s pocket,

Than in his crosshairs”;

Who cares

About Israel’s affairs!

Well, the chickens

Have come home to roost,

Your own sovereignty

Is now reduced,

You wouldn’t risk voicing


Welcome to the age

Of terrorism.


UN, the prototype

Of systematic rot,

No one objects,

There’s no boycott,

Where are the voices

Who speak for Justice?

How can the US

Be a party to this?!


As in the days of

The Second World War,

We are on our own

Once more;

In those days, Nazis marched

Towards a city in Greece;

Days before they arrived,


The city’s Jewish cemetery

Washed into

The Mediterranean Sea;

Nazis would use tombstones

To build their roads;

Hashem vetoed,

The case was closed.


Now, you wouldn’t

See me cry

Should the UN be

Sunk into the East River,

Washed out to sea!

Life is a wheel,

History repeats

When iniquity completes,

HaKadosh Baruch Hu



A memorial at the UN site

Would be nice

For defenders

Who’ve paid the ultimate price

For the victims of terror;

Their families who mourn

For Israel

The cornerstone,

Facing down hate and scorn.


Please raise up the lowly,

Let truth shine,


A great starting point:

Dissolving the UN!

 By Sharon Marcus