Misaskim of Queens is amid a vital campaign to purchase a distribution van for exclusive use in serving our local neighborhoods.

Misaskim is a humble, behind-the-scenes organization that is quiet and unassuming until their central offices receive that fateful phone call that a loved one has passed. Once that hotline rings, wheels begin to turn, and the team comes in full force to provide the family suffering a tragedy or loss with any need.

Misaskim is known to be synonymous with shiv’ah homes, but also provides shiv’ah chairs, folding chairs, tables, sifrei Torah, siddurim, candles, fans, heaters, water coolers, and so much more. Misaskim remembers every detail.

Misaskim’s Mission

Misaskim’s mission is to ensure that you do not need to start worrying about the logistics of setting up the shiv’ah home when you are bereft in grief. Misaskim is a one-stop shop.

Many do not realize that Misaskim handles so much more than just shiv’ah homes. One of their key programs is for y’somim, the children who have lost a parent, and almanos who have seen a spouse depart. When someone suffers such a tragedy, there are often residual needs post-shiv’ah. Misaskim remains present, providing Chanukah gifts and back-to-school packages to y’somim as well as Chol HaMoed events for their families, while they distribute flowers and cheesecakes to almanos for Shavuos.

Queens Branch

For many years, Misaskim had been sending workers from Boro Park, Brooklyn, to handle the necessities of the Queens community. As the demand had unfortunately increased, Misaskim reached out to Queens community leaders to help open its own division.

In November 2018, Misaskim of Queens officially opened its branch. The Queens volunteers have been handling all Queens’ shiv’ah homes, and the deliveries of all Queens yasom and almanah packages. To date, over 350 deliveries and pickups have been handled, and 20 almanos and 50 y’somim have been assisted. The Queens division has a dedicated group of roughly 50 volunteers who manage the operations. Misaskim is always looking to add volunteers to its roster; to sign up, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Queens Van

As Misaskim’s operations in Queens have expanded, the need for efficiency has drastically increased. Until today, the volunteers have been emptying their own vehicles of car seats and other items before handling a delivery or pickup. Not only have they been using their own cars, but often two or three vehicles are required for a single delivery or pickup. This puts a tremendous logistical strain on the volunteers and overall operation.

Queens needs a transporter to maintain efficiency and be able to handle each delivery and pickup with one central vehicle and less manpower. Your help will allow the volunteers to have a quicker response time, as many of the items will remain in place, preventing the volunteers from having to load and unload from the storage facility for each call.

This fundraiser is not for some abstract, distant need. This van will be used to help continue operations to your neighbors, your shul members, and your community. You will see this van driving around Main Street, Jewel Avenue, Union Turnpike, Queens Boulevard, and all around the Queens community-at-large.

For further questions or special dedication opportunities, please contact Ari Elbogen (917-886-2176), Moshe Vatch (718-887-1374), any Misaskim of Queens volunteers or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Visit thechesedfund.com/misaskim/queensvan?team=community  to make your donation.

 By Shabsie Saphirstein