In this week’s parshah, Pinchas acted zealously for Hashem’s sake and was granted the covenant of shalom. This is in line with the Torah principle, “In the way a man wishes to go, he is led” (Makos 10b). If Hashem observes a person who truly desires to grow spiritually and observe mitzvos, He grants him the strength to fulfill these desires. Since Pinchas demonstrated that he wished to preserve peace, he was rewarded with a “bris shalom,” a covenant of peace.

In T’hilim, David HaMelech proclaims, “At midnight I arise to thank You for Your righteous ordinances” (T’hilim 119:62). David HaMelech woke up every night at midnight, in order to sing and give praise and thanks to Hashem (B’rachos 3b). Chazal teach us that David HaMelech had a harp that was hung in his room. Every night, at midnight, a northerly wind would come and blow through its strings. This would awaken David HaMelech. This miracle shows us how Hashem helps those who wish to do His will and have a desire to grow spiritually. These people often receive siyata diShmaya above the laws of nature, in order to enable them to continue on their road of righteousness.