Hadar Bet Yaakov, Queens’ newest Bais Yaakov high school for girls, is spanning its wings into summer time with HBY Connects events via Zoom on a variety of topics. Mrs. Malkie Ribowsky, Assistant Principal, Kodesh, led girls in an HBY Connects evening, focusing on Shabbat, and what we can do to connect and make Shabbat meaningful for us. She spoke about the “gift” from Hashem that Shabbat was for Jews everywhere, and went on from there to try to personalize that gift for students. Girls talked about what they were able to do to make Shabbat special: baking special cookies, cakes, sweet bakery delicacies, and even artistic table settings – all things that they were able to do themselves to “bring to the table” and make Shabbat beautiful.

  Mrs. Ribowsky discussed saying divrei Torah, inviting guests, and singing at the table as other ways we make Shabbat our own. After the overview of the myriad of ways we can make Shabbat our own, Mrs. Ribowsky played a “My Shabbat Connections” game with the girls. The event ended with the girls watching a beautiful video about the beauty of celebrating and singing zemirot Shabbat.

One of the important points that Mrs. Ribowsky made was preparing for Shabbat early in the week, such as starting some of the cooking projects on Wednesday or Thursday, so that going into Shabbat is smooth and not rushed. She encouraged girls to send in pictures of what they were choosing to do to make their own personal “Shabbat connection” so everyone could learn from each other and share in the simchat Shabbat.

 By Shoshanna Friedman