The Chazaq Organization and Met Council spent the afternoon of Tuesday, March 16 distributing hundreds of groceries items of the Pesach holiday. The event, held at the recently inaugurated Lev Aharon Community Food Pantry in KGH, attracted a vast array of community leaders and elected officials. Representing Met Council were Benjamin Zaientz and Aron Cyperstein. Other notable attendees included Queens Borough President Donovan Richards, Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang, Council Member James Gennaro, Council Member Barry Grodenchik, Assembly Member Daniel Rosenthal, District Leader Shimi Pelman, City Council Candidate Avi Cyperstein, and Jewish liaison for Public Advocate Jumaane Williams Simon Sebag, among others. Chazaq CEO Rabbi Yaniv Meirov was on hand as well.

A food pantry is always run by a dedicated staff and requires the help of volunteers. Aviv Simantov recently undertook the managerial efforts at the community site. “As manager of the Chazaq food pantry, I have the utmost privilege to give back to the community that made me the man I am today,” said Simantov. “I am forever grateful to Rabbi Yaniv Meirov, his dedicated wife Rebbetzin Leora, and Met Council for this amazing opportunity. B’ezrat Hashem we will continue this wonderful chesed, and grow to reach even greater heights.”

 Photo credits: Yisrael Peskowitz and
Shabsie Saphirstein