Congregation Bais Yosef D’Ulem, under the leadership of Rav Yakov Yitzchok Friedman, has been a mainstay of Kew Gardens Hills, highlighted by its open-door policy of nonstop Shacharis minyanim that service the greater Queens community. The shul generally holds an annual melava malkah, but the pandemic has unfortunately removed that fundraising option. Still, the lights, heat, and air conditioning in the bais medrash must run, and the bills ultimately become due. The shul’s gabbaim have opted to dedicate the campaign in memory of two beloved neighbors. Dr. Shmuel Eli Landau, z”l, was devoted chaver and longtime mispalel whose petirah this past yud aleph Nisan left the community deeply pained. The loss of Mrs. Ann Kuppermann, a”h, on chaf zayin Kislev, also left a void that reverberated throughout the Jewish world. During the time of the melava malkah, the shul is reminded of Mrs. Kuppermann’s generosity as a recurring evening sponsor.

This past year, we turned to tefilah as a source of strength and fortitude as we dealt with confusion and grief as the world was forever changed. The monumental challenges reminded us that the spirit of achdus is still alive as we recalled the stories of chizuk we once shared. We found ways to be thankful and watched as community members, friends, and family made miraculous recoveries. The community also turned to Rav Friedman for his sage guidance and hadrachah when all we saw was uncertainty.

Today, the shul is again an active destination for daily tefilah and shiurim that inspire, strengthen, and enhance the lives of our community members. Consider taking part in Congregation Bais Yosef D’Ulem’s annual campaign with a donation sent to 139-19 72nd Road, Kew Gardens Hills, NY 11367.

 By QJL Staff