Amudim was founded on the simple yet vital belief:

No individual should have to face a crisis without a rock of support.

Because when a crisis hits, loneliness can sometimes feel worse than the crisis itself.

Victims of abuse, addiction, and any form of individual or collective emergency grope in the dark for solutions, for support, for someone to show that they care - and that they can help.

Enter Amudim.

Their vast operation leaves no avenue unexplored when it comes to providing both moral and practical support to struggling victims and their families.

Before Amudim, people suffered in silence. In paralysis. And in shame.

Now, they know there’s someone to call - a resource to help them start healing.

Because Amudim cares - they listen, and they act.

But they can’t take on this mammoth mission of kindness alone.

Amudim believes that every struggling individual deserves the gift of compassion and dignity - and we believe Amudim deserves our unwavering support for their vital cause.

The UnitetoHeal campaign brings together top leaders and entertainers in our community to give back and confront the greatest challenges and unspoken issues facing us all.

Join Amudim on December 19-20 at to support our community and give so many the gift of healing.