Emet’s Women’s Division rose to the occasion with a motivational and meaningful mother-daughter challah bake. “The challah bake made me feel so grateful to be a Jewish woman and to be a part of Emet. I witnessed firsthand how special our community is and how we can come together to better ourselves and each other,” said Sharona Priyev one of the student leaders who organized the event along with Alexandra Davydov and the Emet team.  Over 150 mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends gathered at the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates for an evening of baking, dancing, and celebrating with one another.

The festive evening began with guests mingling while enjoying a Chinese buffet. Sharona and Alexandra then kicked off the activities by welcoming the crowd and describing their personal experiences at Emet. Beautiful singing followed, led by student Odelia Matatov. Mrs. Jackie Bitton, the featured speaker, had everyone alternating between laughing and crying as she talked about simcha and leading a happy life. Then it was hands-on as Daniella Bababekov guided the participants through the steps of preparing the dough. After the tefilla portion, while waiting for the challahs to rise, there was true simcha as the group celebrated the engagement of longtime Emet student Mayya Yagudayev. The dancing got even more energized when the theme song of the recent Miami trip, “It’s Geshmak to be a Yid,” was played.

“It was a magnificent event. There was an incredible, positive energy in the room. We heard so many appreciative comments from the girls and their mothers about sharing this moment,” said Ms. Adina Fendel, Emet Women’s Director. “I especially have to thank our incredible students who went out of their way to bring so many women in our community together.”

In addition to leaving with challah to bake for Shabbat, intergenerational connections were made and strengthened.  “I had so much fun going around the room and meeting everyone, some familiar faces and some new. While I was providing ingredients, I learned about the different backgrounds and personalities of everyone who came,” Sharona added. “Everyone was on a different level of religion and spirituality, but they each shared the passion to do good and perform a special mitzvah with their friends and loved ones.”

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