With Shavuos around the corner, the Chazaq organization has increased its inspirational work by organizing many classes for men and women in preparation for Matan Torah, along with expanding its outreach work with hundreds of public school students in order to provide them a deeper appreciation for their treasured traditions.

On Monday, May 16, Chazaq had the honor of hosting Rav Yaakov Bender, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Darchei Torah. Rabbi Bender, celebrated for his profound wisdom and unwavering dedication to Klal Yisroel, was given an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Chazaq operations, gaining invaluable insights into the organization's extensive programs and services.

The visit commenced with Rabbi Bender joining the Chazaq Beis Medresh, led by Rabbi Michael Mansour, at Od Yosef Chai.  After a beautiful tefillah, Rabbi Bender was excited to hear that some members of the Beis Medrash today who are true bnei Torah were public school students just a few years ago.

After the tefillah, Rabbi Bender delivered an awe-inspiring talk on the concept of never giving up, captivating the audience with his profound teachings.

Embracing the momentum of the morning, Rabbi Bender continued his day with an eagerly awaited exploration of the Chazaq headquarters. Led by the organization's passionate leaders, Rabbi Ilan Meirov and his brother Rabbi Yaniv, Rabbi Bender was given an exclusive view of the remarkable work carried out by Chazaq.

Rabbi Bender conveyed his enthusiasm for collaborating with Chazaq in the future, emphasizing his desire to contribute his wisdom, experience, and resources to further enhance the organization's impact. Recognizing the shared values and goals, both Rabbi Bender and Chazaq expressed their eagerness to embark on a journey of synergy and cooperation, amplifying their collective potential to uplift and transform Jewish lives.