Over the past few weeks, Chazaq hosted a series of successful parent-child challah bakes across all 15 of their Shaping Lives programs for public school children. The events aimed to create a stronger bond between parents and children and inspire families through meaningful experiences.

The parent-child challah bakes, a highlight of Chazaq’s ongoing initiatives, witnessed an overwhelming response with hundreds of parents and children participating. The interactive sessions allowed families to come together, learn, and share the age-old tradition of baking challah, a symbolic and cherished aspect of Jewish culture. As parents and children joined hands in the kneading and shaping process, the events fostered a sense of togetherness, warmth, and joy.

Beyond the challah bakes, Chazaq has been at the forefront of a revolution in public school outreach through its multifaceted programs. These initiatives have become a beacon of hope for families seeking to strengthen their connection to Jewish traditions and values in the face of modern challenges.

The Chazaq Shaping Lives Sunday school program for children provides a nurturing environment where young minds can explore their Jewish identity, history, and heritage. By instilling a love for Jewish learning, the program empowers the next generation with a strong foundation for personal growth.

Chazaq’s JWave program caters to public school teenagers, addressing their unique needs and interests via daily learning programs and activities. This innovative initiative offers a platform for teens to connect with their Jewish identity, while simultaneously embracing contemporary interests and challenges. Chazaq recently launched their new Youth Center in Forest Hills, as a place to give these teens a home away from home.

In addition, Chazaq’s PSTY division (Public School to Yeshiva) has created a seamless bridge between public school students and yeshivah education. By providing personalized guidance from A to Z, Chazaq has successfully assisted over 1,500 children in making the transition from public school to yeshivah, ensuring that every child can access a comprehensive Jewish education.

Chazaq remains dedicated to its mission of empowering Jewish families, youth, and individuals to lead lives enriched with Jewish values, knowledge, and a strong sense of identity.

For more information about Chazaq and their upcoming programs, please visit www.chazaq.org