Thursday, August 3, marked a momentous occasion for Camp Kaylie, as it graciously welcomed five esteemed rebbetzins, infusing the camp with an atmosphere of joy and spirituality.

The arrival of these distinguished guests was met with a warm and heartfelt reception from the entire camp community. During this memorable day, the Yona Division actively participated in a challah bake, an activity that not only fostered camaraderie among the campers but also served as a symbolic reminder of the sacred mitzvah of taking challah. Rebbetzin Shani Taragin, in her enlightening address to our campers, emphasized that the act of making challah infuses the dough with “nishmas chayim,” just as Hashem breathed life into man. This profound insight deepened the campers’ understanding of the sanctity associated with challah.

Additionally, the Nesher and Teen Divisions engaged in a thought-provoking panel discussion with the visiting rebbetzins. This interactive session provided a unique platform for campers to seek guidance, ask questions, and gain valuable insights into various aspects of their Jewish faith and identity. The impact of this enriching experience will undoubtedly resonate in the hearts of both campers and rebbetzins, fostering a lasting appreciation for their shared love of Torah u’mitzvos.

Overall, this significant day left an indelible impression on the campers, inspiring them to reflect upon their beliefs and values. It is certain that the memories and lessons gained from this extraordinary event will continue to shape their spiritual journey for years to come.