Chazaq, a driving force behind inspiring Jewish communities far and near, is ushering in the month of Elul with an array of special lectures and events. As the season of introspection and preparation for the High Holidays commences, Chazaq’s diverse events have been a beacon of growth, education, and unity.

The journey began with a series of thought-provoking evenings featuring esteemed speakers. Rabbi Paysach Krohn, known for his captivating storytelling, engaged a large audience in Cedarhurst to kick off Congregation Shaare Emunah’s annual “Elevate Your Elul Series” in conjunction with Chazaq. Rabbi Yaakov Rahimi graced the Sephardic Congregation of Plainview and left attendees enriched with insights that resonated deeply.

Rabbi David Ashear’s heartfelt discourse at Congregation Anshei Shalom in Jamaica Estates stirred contemplation, while Rabbi Avrohom Schorr’s lecture at Shaare Emunah illuminated minds with Torah teachings. Rabbi Ilan Meirov’s shiurim at Congregation Charm Circle in KGH focused on the halachic perspective of how to live our lives in preparation for Rosh HaShanah. Rebbetzin Amit Yaghoubi’s words resonated profoundly with the audience at various communities she lectured at, leaving a lasting impact.

The excitement continues as Chazaq gears up for a lineup of upcoming events that promise to be equally enlightening. Rabbi Lazer Brody’s anticipated talk at Kol Yisrael Achim in Great Neck on Sunday, September 3, is set to ignite hearts with spiritual fire. Simultaneously, Rabbi Jonathan Rietti’s presentation at Beth Gavriel in Forest Hills is expected to leave a lasting mark.

The Bukharian Jewish Congregation of Hillcrest will be graced by Rabbi Rahimi’s presence on Wednesday, September 6, while the Young Israel of Forest Hills will host Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser on the same day. Rabbi Naftali Horowitz’s appearance at Yeshiva Ohr Yitzchok on September 6 is anticipated to resonate with both young and old seeking growth.

As the calendar advances, Chazaq continues to provide enlightening opportunities. Rabbi Joey Haber and Rabbi Eli Mansour will deliver shiurim on Thursday, September 7, and Sunday, September 10, respectively, at Congregation Shaare Emunah. Additionally, Rabbi Yosef Palacci’s presence at Beth Gavriel on September 10 will offer special insights into the upcoming chagim.

Chazaq’s Elul events have ignited a spark of inspiration, setting the tone for a period of growth, reflection, and renewal as the High Holidays approach. Attendees can look forward to an enriching experience that is bound to leave an indelible mark on their spiritual journey.