TEL AVIV (Aug. 31, 2023) – On Sept. 1, 2023, an all-new Matmid Frequent Flyer Program will be introduced, allowing members to purchase award tickets using points only, with no addition of cash, other than for tax and fees.

The enhanced point system ensures that Matmid points remain valid as long as Matmid members continue to fly with EL AL. To make the Matmid program even more attractive, Matmid points will be multiplied by 50. EL AL also announced that it has launched a new frequent flyer currency called Diamonds which allows members to elevate their status.

Currently, award fares include points, plus a cash component and taxes. Beginning September 1, 2023 members will book award tickets with points only (excluding taxes and fees). The award fares will be updated every few months assuring EL AL award fares align with market standards. Members can use their points to purchase tickets from Israel up to one year in advance of the departure date.

In addition, active Matmid members’ points will not expire as long as the members stay active by earning at least one point every 18 months on an EL AL flight, or charge at least NIS 5,000 in a month with their FLY CARD during that time.

EL AL will also launch a new user-friendly calculator that displays the new award fares. This innovative tool will make using Matmid points for air travel easier than ever before.

“Our all-new Matmid Frequent Flyer program now ranks among the attractive programs in the industry,” said Ronen Galperin, CEO of Matmid Frequent Flyer Club.  “The new program offers an array of advantages to our active and loyal members.”

The program also offers significant discounts (10-40%) on award tickets to popular destinations.

And EL AL has significantly expanded members’ opportunities to earn points. Purchases of “SPACE” seats and excess baggage will now also earn points.

While points will continue to be required for award tickets and products, Diamonds will determine membership status, and with a higher status, members will earn more points for every dollar spent as illustrated in the chart below:

New point accrual as of September 1, 2023:

Member Status

Points earned per $1 spent

Matmid TL


Silver SL


Gold GL


Platinum PL


Top Platinum TP



In addition, members will earn one diamond for every dollar spent with EL AL.  FLY CARD Premium holders will enjoy a higher earning rate of 1.2 Diamonds for every dollar spent.

FLY CARD Premium holders also will be able to earn Diamonds on purchases, with a conversion rate of 80 NIS for 1 Diamond, up to 12,000 Diamonds over a 12-month period.

Significant improvements in thresholds make it faster and easier to reach high tiers. Previously, achieving Gold status required an annual accrual of 1,000 points for spending $7,000 with EL AL (the equivalent of earning 7,000 Diamonds in the new Matmid program). In the new program Gold status can be achieved with 6,000 Diamonds for purchases totaling $6,000.

New tier thresholds as of September 1, 2023:

Member Status


Silver SL


Gold GL


Platinum PL


Top Platinum TP



*Subject to the new Matmid Frequent Flyer Program terms and conditions specified on EL AL’s website.