Colors: Blue Color

Labor Day weekend was an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and grow in observance for a group of 20 Emet Outreach students. Led by Ms. Shira Fendel, Emet Women’s Director, the young women spent a wonderful three-day weekend together. On Friday, they went boating on the Jersey Shore and then relaxed for a few hours by a private pool. Then it was off to a beautiful rented house in Brook Hill Estates in Lakewood for Shabbos. The group enjoyed dinner together on Friday night and then were hosted by families in the community on Shabbos day. In the afternoon, the ladies visited the home of Dr. and Mrs. Ari Krug, who shared their religious journey. They also heard from Mrs. Joni Miller about her amazing journey from California to Lakewood. Nechama Cohen, a well-known singer, led a lovely musical Havdalah.

Fleetwood screams for ice cream!

The Fleetwood community will welcome its first kosher-certified eatery on Sunday, September 22, as the Swirls and Sweets frozen yogurt shop officially unveils its strictly kosher certification under the Orthodox supervision of Rabbi Daniel Rosenfelt of Fleetwood Synagogue.

MTA kicked off its first Mishmar of the year with cholent for the entire yeshivah, as well as special shiurim for each grade, followed by Mishmar. Talmidim and rebbeim were excited to begin another amazing year of learning together!