On Motza’ei Shabbos, November 16, the Yeshiva of Central Queens third grade students had their annual m’laveh malkah. The students worked for weeks with their moros and their music teacher, Morah Tali Spector. The students then performed the songs they learned in front of their parents, grandparents, and teachers. The songs were meaningful, especially since the students worked so hard learning and practicing their songs. “The m’laveh malkah was fun. I liked singing Eliyahu HaNavi the best,” said Shimon Borukhov, grade three. The production put smiles on everyone’s faces. The students sang about Shabbos and had a great time performing. Ava Sternfield, grade three, said, “The m’laveh malkah was awesome because I got to perform in front of my family with all of my friends.”

After the performance, they had an exciting party in the gym. Student volunteers worked to help set up the gym on the Friday prior to the m’laveh malkah, and several sixth grade girls volunteered to work with Mrs. Carrie Beylus, the event organizer and an alumni parent, as servers. Rabbi Yoel Hecht entertained the students with an amazing magic show and games with prizes. The students and their siblings loved it! The night ended with raffles, music, and many happy faces.

What make this intergenerational m’laveh malkah stand out is that many grandparents get the opportunity to see their grandchildren in their school environment and hear about all they are learning in Judaic studies. Sophie Sisser said, “I enjoyed the song David HaMelech best, and learning and doing the hand motions was so much fun. I especially loved that my grandparents came and were here with me.”

By Eliana Gomberg