The fifth through eighth graders of the Bais Yaakov Academy of Queens were excited for the annual spelling bee! First, each class competed to get a class winner. Once all the classes had winners, these girls represented their classes in the school-wide spelling bee, which took place on Chanukah this year. The girls enthusiastically cheered on their classmates, as the 14 competitors took the stage. We are so proud of each class winner: Yehudis Aronovitch, Tziri Rosenholtz, Aliza Howitt, Shalva Kobre, Noa Harris, Malka Lavner, Sarala Weiner, Shayna Mendelson, Haddassah Boehm, Esther Keller, Gabriella Koyenov, Racheli Praeger, Nechama Friedman, and Meira Schuck. They worked hard and truly showed good sportsmanship!

The last round of the spelling bee had three students left: Gabriella Koyenov, Shayna Mendelson, and Meira Schuck. Finally, the winner of the schoolwide spelling bee was: seventh-grader Gabriella Koyenov! The winning word was sojourner. Gabriella went on to the Inter-Yeshiva Spelling Bee, hosted by the Jewish Education Project in Manhattan. She competed against 15 other winners from different yeshivos around the city. We are so proud of Gabriella, and all of our students, for their efforts, enthusiasm, and all the new spelling words they learned!