Virtual classes and programs continue throughout the weeks at the Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls with exceptional chaburahs, art projects, cooking lessons, and book clubs enhancing the school experience.

Shiurim by SKA’s dynamic Limudei Kodesh faculty about Matan Torah lent meaning and depth to students’ understanding of Shavuos, transmitted through the power of Zoom. Girls in each grade in SKA prepared learning packets for their peers, while over 20 teachers shared “The Gift of Torah in Our Lives,” in a video of Torah inspiration for the entire school.

SKA’s innovative program, Girls RISE (Reach with Independent learning, Scholars, and Enriching experiences) celebrated its inaugural group of RISE scholars with a final presentation on Tuesday evening, May 26. This incredible initiative allowed students to expand their knowledge outside of regular classes and participate in experiences throughout the year through stimulating trips, exciting speakers, and independent projects. As Mrs. Bluma Drebin, Principal, General Studies, noted in her introduction to the evening, “Everyone in this program has risen beyond herself and made a choice to stretch and grow.” Each RISE student presented a short synopsis and slide show of a meaningful project she worked on to a large group of fellow students, administration and faculty members, and parents.

Thanks go to Dr. Chana Glatt, Head of SKA’s Science Department, together with Mrs. Drebin and Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky, Principal, Judaic Studies, for the creation and support of this wonderful program.