MTA’s incredible variety of extra learning programs provide talmidim with the opportunity to enhance their Torah learning throughout the day. These initiatives include an Iyun T’filah Chaburah every morning before davening, where talmidim explore topics related to davening; a daily Mishnah Chaburah, where they gain a better understanding of Maseches P’sachim; a weekly Y Club, where talmidim ask their burning questions about Judaism to their rebbeim; Night Seder four nights a week, where they learn with MTA rebbeim, as well as Yeshiva University rebbeim and talmidim; and so much more.

“We strive to instill a true love for Torah in all of our talmidim,” said MTA Associate Principal Rabbi Shimon Schenker. “Our goal is to teach our talmidim how to make time for Torah in their daily lives outside of shiur, which will enable them to continue growing as b’nei Torah beyond their four years at MTA. These extra learning programs are designed to help them balance their responsibilities, like homework, extracurricular activities, and spending time with family and friends, and still carve out time in their day for learning. The programs currently take place both in-person in yeshivah, as well as on Zoom, to give talmidim the flexibility to participate no matter where they are.”