The senior year at MSH is filled with a rich array of special classes and programs to prepare the students for life after high school. MSH students graduate with a strong foundation to keep their passion for Torah and learning alive.

A highlight of the senior courses, Nashim B’Halachah, is taught by Mrs. Hindy Feder, currently a fellow in Nishmat’s Miriam Glaubach Center’s US Yoatzot Halachah Program. The course provides the students the opportunity to study a variety of topics that all women should be familiar with. Through text-based analysis of primary and secondary sources, both the practical and conceptual aspects of the topics are considered. Topics include mitzvas asei she’ha’zman grama, agunos, kesubah, limud Torah, tz’nius, and nidah.

As the course winds down, the MSH seniors took a trip to the Grove Street Mikvah in Cedarhurst to experience, first-hand, the beauty of the mitzvah. Following their visit with the women at the mikvah, the students had brunch at Menahelet Mrs. Eisenman’s house, and were excited to reflect on their years at MSH, and all they have learned and gained.