With Chanukah fast approaching, the Shevach G.O welcomed the month of Kislev with a bang. Under the direction of Shevach Educational Administrator Mrs. Devorah Kovitz, the G.O. heads – Elana Adler, Chaya Shalva Boiangu, Hadassah Gottesman, Chaya Prager, and Miriam Romm – invited Mrs. Naomi Nachman, a.k.a. “The Aussie Gourmet,” to present a cooking demo.

On Tuesday, Rosh Chodesh Kislev, smells of bread baking and soup simmering wafted through the halls of Shevach. These tantalizing aromas kept all the students eagerly anticipating their turn at preparing these mouthwatering appetizers with Naomi Nachman. Each grade had its own time slot with The Aussie Gourmet, during which she taught the girls many skills, from techniques for cutting onions to how not to kill yeast. Mrs. Nachman’s engaging personality, combined with her delightful accent from “Down Under” added to the atmosphere, keeping everyone captivated.

After learning how to make Creamy Roasted Garlic and Broccoli Soup, while it was cooking, each student made and shaped her own Whole Wheat Crescent Roll. The excitement culminated with all the students enjoying a warm and delicious bowl of soup, on what had been a chilly day.

 The girls left with their rolls ready to be baked and enjoyed in their own homes, where their families were also able to enjoy the scent of bread baking. In the words of one senior, “It was so much fun to learn all we did today, because one day we will, im yirtzeh Hashem, be married, and will definitely be using these skills.” The Rosh Chodesh Kislev program at Shevach High School was clearly a resounding success!