MTA’s immersive Ivrit curriculum fosters a love for Israel and enables talmidim to enhance their Hebrew language skills through creative and interactive learning experiences. Spearheaded by award-winning educator Morah Liora Haibi, the program enables talmidim to explore Israeli culture, increase their use of the Hebrew language, and strengthen their love for Israel. Morah Haibi’s innovative programming includes visits from IDF soldiers who share their experiences with talmidim in conversational Ivrit, playing fun Hebrew games to reinforce lessons learned in class, and project-based learning that promotes teamwork.

Juniors in Morah Haibi’s Ivrit class have spent the past quarter learning about the Israeli election process. For their final project, the class was divided into two political parties that are responsible for creating their own election campaigns entirely in Ivrit.

The talmidim are working hard on writing campaign ads and speeches and coming up with creative slogans. Each party will present their campaign to the class next week, and they look forward to an exciting competition!