On Thursday, January 14, the whole eighth grade listened to a presentation by Mrs. Shoshana Soroka, editor of The Five Towns Jewish Home. Mrs. Soroka gave tips on how to talk and interview Holocaust Survivors. Mrs. Soroka did an amazing job of guiding the students. She was so engaging and listened intently as each student suggested certain types of questions. She went through the interview and explained how there would be questions about before the war, during the war, and after the war.

Mrs. Soroka explained what types of questions would be best. She talked about what happens if the survivor cries or is silent for a bit. Two of the students, Elana Max and Elnatan Chasser, had the opportunity to role-play an actual interview. It is so important to have the opportunity to be involved in this important project to ensure that the Holocaust survivors’ legacies live on, and that the Holocaust is never forgotten.