HANC High School congratulates Adin Moskowitz ’22 for placing first in the prestigious international Jerusalem Science Contest for 11th and 12th grade Jewish high-school students interested in cutting-edge science and its relevance to Judaism.

Under the aegis of Rabbi Tsvi Selengut and Prof. Quin Murrell, Adin’s focus was on starquakes in neutron stars, the causes of this phenomenon, and multiple observations of different starquakes. Adin connected his project to Judaism showing that Hashem’s omniscience can be found in small acts of chesed by comparing the mass of a neutron star to the presence of the Divine as it relates to acts of chesed. Adin observed the impact of tiny neutron stars on the galaxy with the energy released from a starquake and noted the disproportionate effect acts of chesed have on society and the transcendent.

Adin is enrolled in HANC’s rigorous Beit Midrash and Honors General Studies programs, focusing on STEM and Engineering courses. He will be presenting his Astronomy project at the Jerusalem Science Contest Culmination Celebration Award Ceremony on Sunday, April 21 via Zoom.

The Principal of HANC High School, Rabbi Eli Slomnicki, proudly exclaimed, “Adin’s accomplishment reflects on the whole yeshivah in its integration of Limudei Kodesh and General Studies. His research on astronomy and Torah is yet another animation of Torah U’Mada from the HANC Beit Midrash.”

The first prize winner is awarded a four-year scholarship to the LEV Academic Center in Jerusalem, prize money, and a trip to Israel.

Mazal Tov!