MTA is proud to announce that Mrs. Tova Fish-Rosenberg, MTA Director of Hebrew Language and Special Programs and Founder of Names, Not Numbers, has been named a winner of the prestigious Wilbur Award by the Religion Communicators Council, for the Names, Not Numbers project and her role as its Producer/Creator. Since 1949, the Wilbur Awards have been presented annually to recognize excellence in the communication of religious issues, values, and themes in public secular media. Through the awards, the Religion Communicators Council (RCC) recognizes the work of individuals, production companies, and agencies as they communicate about religious issues, values, and themes with professionalism, fairness, respect, and honesty.

Past winners include Morgan Freeman, Oprah Winfrey, Jane Pauley, Mister Rogers, CBS Sunday Morning, ABC’s 20/20, Meet the Press, Vanity Fair, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and The New York Times. Mrs. Rosenberg’s submission of Names, Not Numbers, with additional credits to Dov Rosenberg and Michael Puro, was enthusiastically endorsed by the judging panel for its excellence in communicating religious and inspiring themes.

“What an honor it is to have Names, Not Numbers be named among this list of world-famous people and institutions that have won this award recognizing their work that communicates values and respect,” said Mrs. Rosenberg. “Over the past 15 years, hundreds of MTA students have interviewed close to 200 Holocaust survivors and memorialized their stories through the creation of their Names, Not Numbers documentary films.

This project is even more important now than ever before, as we continue to witness the dangers of prejudice, discrimination, anti-Semitism, racism, and intolerance. Through Names, Not Numbers, we can continue to combat anti-Semitism by raising awareness of the atrocities of the Holocaust and ensuring that the Jewish people never have to relive this tragic experience.” MTA congratulates Mrs. Rosenberg on this tremendous accomplishment and looks forward to screening this year’s Names, not Numbers documentary in the coming months.