MTA Juniors in Dr. Berliner’s AP Physics course enjoyed hands-on experimentation during their first lab of the year. After months of learning about the math and theory behind electricity and magnetism, talmidim were able to see these principles in action through active participation in engaging experimentation.

They utilized Yeshiva University’s state-of-the-art Physics Lab, which is just one of the many advantages to MTA’s location on the YU campus, to make these principles of Physics come alive. Talmidim learned how to measure resistance, voltage, and current through operating a DC power supply and circuit. “It was very exciting to see the equations come to life,” shared student leader Mordechai Fox (’22).

The talmidim who are enrolled in the AP Physics course learn at an advanced level, which is not typically available to high school students, under the leadership of Dr. Berliner, who serves as the Executive Director of Science Management/Clinical Professor of Physics at YU, in addition to his role as AP Calculus and AP Physics Instructor at MTA. Dr. Berliner also played an integral role in the building of the Science Labs both at YU and at MTA.

By Noam Ben Simon (’22)