It was a first in the storied history of the Hebrew Academy of Long Beach. On Monday, August 30, faculty from all four divisions of HALB - the Lev Chana Early Childhood Center, HALB Elementary School, SKA High School for Girls and DRS High School for Boys - joined together to set the tone for the upcoming school year. Nearly 300 HALB employees, including teachers, rabbeim, support staff, office staff, and executive office members gathered in HALB’s gymnasium, and were treated to a gala breakfast. Due in large part to the support and hard work of HALB presidents Mitch Kirschner and Nathaniel Rogoff, as well as HALB’s new Executive Director, Mrs. Adrianne Mittan, faculty from different divisions of HALB were able to connect and collaborate with one another to prepare to educate the leaders of tomorrow. The morning began with addresses from HALB’s principals - Rabbi Adam Englander of HALB, Mrs. Elisheva Kaminetsky and Mrs. Bluma Drebin of SKA, and Rabbi Yisroel Kaminetsky and Dr. Hillel Border of DRS. The morning was highlighted by a keynote address from world-renowned lecturer and motivational speaker Mr. Charlie Harary, who spoke about the “superpower” within every teacher, and the crucial role that their work holds in “shaping” every student’s life experience.


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