Rambam Mesivta thrilled its talmidim with a surprise announcement that they will soon be housed in a brand-new building, which is being built just a few blocks away. The new site is also located in Lawrence, an approximately six-minute walk from the present location.

We feature an interview with the Rambam administration about this new exciting project.

Rumors are swirling around that you have begun construction and are soon planning to move into the new building. What can you tell us?

Rabbi Friedman: Many times, rumors are unfounded but this one is, in fact, true!

The news is exciting and will greatly benefit our students. It has been in the planning stages for two or three years and Baruch Hashem all the pieces fell into place to make this dream a reality.

Will the new facility be bigger and what will be different?

Rabbi Friedman: Our goal is to serve the needs of an ever-growing community.

Our new facility, which is more than double the size of our existing school, will enable us to offer even more opportunities for excellence in both Limudei Kodesh and college preparatory studies, while still maintaining the small and warm class sizes.

Rabbi Eliach: Excellence in education is enhanced with state-of-the-art facilities. Although we take great pride in what our students and faculty have accomplished together since Rambam’s inception, imagine how much more we can achieve with a beautiful larger state-of-the-art facility!

Mr. Hillel Goldman, Associate Principal: Rambam has become a premier destination for the student who wants to take a leadership role and accomplish great things, both inside and outside the classroom.  At Rambam’s current location we have scores of clubs and a variety of ever-expanding, student-run extracurricular activities. I’ve seen the plans for this new building and know that with a state of the art, 21st century building, our empowered student body will take the school’s teams, clubs, and tournaments to the next level. 

Rabbi Herschman has been working directly on this expansion and revealed some details on the new features.

Rabbi Herschman: Let me say, I share the excitement of our faculty, parents, alumni and student body and look forward to everything the new facility will offer. Among the many exciting features, our building will have a larger Beis Medresh, brand new STEM lab, an additional science lab, 13 large classrooms, an upstairs Beis Medresh for the Sephardic minyan, state-of-the-art gym, and a Holocaust Center.

Can you elaborate on the Holocaust Center?

Rabbi Friedman: Over the past 30 years we have incorporated the lessons of Zachor into the DNA of our educational program. It is imperative that Torah Jews understand the challenges and sacrifices that were made by the survivors and Kedoshim of the Shoah. I feel strongly that everything we have today is built on the sacrifices and inspiration they provided for us. 

The Shoah Center will have some historical artifacts and touchscreen interviews of survivors which will enable our students to get a glimpse into pre-World War II Jewish life, anti-Semitism, and Torah commitment. The spirit of resilience and rebuilding is an important one for young adults to hear and learn not to give up when faced with challenges.

Rabbi Eliach: Teaching the establishment of Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel after 1878 years of Diaspora in conjunction with the ingathering of exiles after the Holocaust is a pivotal piece with teaching the students to play an active role in the strengthening and growth of Medinat Yisrael.

When do you expect to move in?

Sometime in the year 2022, assuming there are no snow delays! We look forward to inviting our parents, alumni, students and community members to a celebration once we firm up a date!

Can you sum up the reaction of supporters and alumni?

Rambam has appropriately named its Capital Campaign “Chazak! Strong and Getting Stronger,” representing the enormous accomplishments of the Mesivta. We are beginning to speak to community philanthropists and alumni. Dedications have already been reserved.

Rabbi Friedman: We have gained chizuk and been humbled by the goodwill and support of the community.