Last week, HAFTR Middle School was privileged to host Deborah Heiser, PhD, Founder and CEO of I.M.A.G.E., and TEDx speaker, as they formally launched their partnership with The Mentor Project. The Mentor Project is an organization that connects students with real-life scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and even astronauts. This mentoring provides students with opportunities to engage with professionals who have experience and hands-on knowledge in different STEM fields, and in exchange ensures that the knowledge gained by the mentor is shared and conserved.

Students were privileged to hear from Irene Yachbes, currently the Innovation Product Manager at IBM. Ms. Yachbes spoke to the spellbound students about her work on the Mars Rover and other space missions, and gave some real insight into working in the field of robotics. They also enjoyed hearing from Andrea Rothman, author of The DNA of You and Me. Ms. Rothman gave a fascinating presentation on the science of smells and detailed some of her incredible research.

The presentation of successful, strong, female figures in STEM was also very impactful, and HAFTR looks forward to continuing to build their partnership with The Mentor Project in the future to bring more interest, information, and knowledge to the school.


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