Bnos Malka Academy has recently been host to some very important guests. Our eighth graders have been meeting with and interviewing survivors of the Holocaust. Set up in the multi-purpose room, using state-of-the-art video equipment, the girls have been videoing and recording our grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ important stories so that they are not forgotten.

Why are our students interviewing survivors? They are working with Names, Not Numbers©: an interactive, multi-media Holocaust project created by educator Tova Fish-Rosenberg. Thanks to funds provided by a prominent national foundation, our Bnos Malka students have been learning all the skills they need to create individual documentaries.

The girls have been preparing for their interviews since the beginning of the year. Over the course of the last few months, they have been learning the history of the Holocaust. They have also been taught practical skills in interviewing techniques and videography in order to make their interviews professional and well-constructed.

When asked about their experiences, two of our eighth graders, Miriam Teichman and Esther Hirsch, expressed that learning about how to conduct interviews and use the recording equipment has been “fun.”

“We’ve learned a lot,” said Esther, “and the cameras are very cool.”

“More importantly,” added Miriam, “the interview made the Holocaust feel very real.”

“Emotional,” Esther agreed.

Now that they have conducted the interviews, our students are looking forward to upcoming lessons about emunah and further classes in video editing. We would especially like to thank Mrs. Chaya Farkas, Mrs. Judith Wolberg, Mrs. Evelyn Pike Rubin, and Mrs. Edith Lebovic for taking the time to come speak to our eighth graders. Our students have been inspired hearing about the bravery and courage of these amazing women who withstood so many odds and experienced so much, to be here with us, sharing their stories today.

By Mrs. Esti Kantor