North Shore Hebrew Academy High School took home the most awards at the Annual Yeshiva Model Congress Tournament this past week at HAFTR, with students arguing eloquently about pressing issues in today’s society. Model Congress gives students an opportunity to understand how the US Congress functions by role-playing simulations, including writing bills to present and defend in committees. Students are also assigned to committees as delegates and must strategize how to get the votes needed to pass their bills. Under the guidance of dedicated faculty advisors Dr. Victoria Allen and Ms. Estee Bodner, the team had an impressive showing at this year’s competition.

More than 200 students from 17 schools competed in last week’s tournament, on topics ranging from closing private prisons, allocating more federal funding to protect consumers’ data, creating more effective suicide prevention programs for veterans, developing a national service program, and discontinuing the use of the penny.

NSHAHS students took home 11 awards, including Ilana Greenberg, who placed third overall with her bill to regulate air traffic in order to reduce the impact of non-CO2 aviation emissions. Other students who received first or second places in their respective committees included Jordana B., Chloe Mastour, Elizabeth Mirharoon, Mayah Rosenzweig, Abby Rutta, and Ryan Winkler.

“Model Congress helps students sharpen their research and debate skills and also enables them to develop an expertise in a specific topic of their interest,” said Dr. Victoria Allen. “Students can be creative and write about issues that really concern them. We are so proud of them!”

By Rachel Sales