On Tuesday, 27 Nisan (April 18), SKA commemorated Yom HaShoah. Throughout the programming of the day, the students acquired a sense of meaning and inspiration. At the start of the program, the students and faculty joined to hear an empowering speech given by Mrs. Drebin on her personal connection to the Holocaust and how we can internalize the events to our everyday lives. The school-wide commemoration was highlighted by the lighting of yahrzeit candles in memory of those who perished. Posters and original student art depicting the World War II war years were on display in the hallways of the school.

The remainder of the programming was made up of interactive workshops led by the freshmen, to give the students of the other grades an expanded view on the events that had taken place during the Holocaust. The sessions recognized the variety of countries impacted at the time and to the extent of what had been lost, with an additional focus on each individual as part of the whole: What was the potential that each neshamah would have brought to the world.

Yom HaShoah at SKA served as an opportunity to reflect on the past and the continuation of the legacy of those who were killed. We as a nation are stronger than ever; by learning from the events of the Holocaust and applying it forward, we can be assured that the generations of klal Yisrael of today and those that follow will live in a world far better than what was in the past.

By Avigail Nassir SKA ’25