A select group of YCQ students had the incredible opportunity to visit Google’s New York headquarters recently. Seventh and eighth grade students who participate in the after-school Robotics and SET³ programs ventured into Manhattan for an amazing and educational experience.

Different Googlers (Google employees) described the fascinating history of the tech company. Students also had the opportunity to hear from Dr. Joel Wein, a Senior Director Of Engineering at Google and the President of YCQ’s Board of Trustees.

Students then broke into two groups and participated in a round-robin of activities. Students worked on a step-by-step algorithm to tie shoes, learning valuable coding skills in the process. They also worked on an activity in which they had to determine the correct path to cross a grid, testing their teamwork and memory skills.

Following the activities, students went on a tour of the huge, state-of-the-art complex and ate lunch on a terrace with a beautiful view of Manhattan. Thank you to Ms. Jessica Faibish, who was instrumental in coordinating the event. Thank you to our faculty, Mrs. Fabish, Mr. Grossman, Ms. Blackwood, and Mrs. Jaffe for all their efforts, as well, and for chaperoning the trip.