Last week, the parent body from HALB, Lev Chana, SKA, and DRS, joined together to create a HALB Shuk, chaired by Hanna Berry, Stephanie Sokol, and Katie Weisz. Birch Events donated their time and resources to transform the backyard into a beautiful shuk filled with items for sale from 47 local vendors who all donated their items for free.  Every dollar spent at the shuk went to Eretz Hemda, an organization that provides the IDF with Tashmishei Kedushah such as tzitzit. kippot, sidurim, and more.  Additionally, a table was set up for children to draw pictures for chayalim and for Tehillim.  The outpouring of support by local vendors, store owners, and community members was beautiful and brought a lot of strength and hope for Israel and the Jewish people. The HALB Shuk raised $35,000 for Eretz Hemda!