Dovid Shechter, a YTM alumnus and currently a soldier in the IDF, recently came to speak to several of the Junior High School classes at Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe. Dovid is on a short leave here in Queens and will be returning to Eretz Yisrael in the coming days.

He spoke to the boys about his experiences in Gaza and a miracle that he witnessed while there. He also emphasized the power of klal Yisrael’s t’filos and the boost of morale that the soldiers feel, knowing that so many people care and are thinking about them. It was a very uplifting and informative experience for the boys, as well as an opportunity for them to be able to express their hakaras ha’tov. Dovid ben Rachel Basya will iy”H be returning to Gaza, and we should certainly have him in mind in our t’filos. Thank you to our Junior High School ELA teacher, Mr. Yehuda Siegel, for inviting Dovid to come to the Yeshiva. May Hashem answer all of our t’filos and bring the g’ulah sh’leimah b’karov.