How did New York City become such a disaster?

The progressive Left has pushed our politicians over the brink. Until recently, such antics would have been considered normal: no bail laws, lawlessness in the streets, innocent children gunned down, police having their hands tied – unable to enforce the laws, and unsafe subways even in the middle of the day. The Queens community, specifically the Orthodox Jewish contingent, feels threatened by anti-Semitic attacks and the BDS movement. We are in a fight for our lives!

For months, along with my fellow members of the Queens Jewish Alliance for Action (QJAA), I have been paying attention to the candidates for the Primary Election. We have met with almost all the candidates for Mayor to ascertain who would best serve our needs – who would have our back against the AOCs and the Ilhan Omars of the modern-day political arena.

We (DC24) pulled off a surprise upset against the progressives this winter by galvanizing our community in support of James (Jim) Gennaro for City Council in the Special Election. We showed what we could accomplish when united – and the politicians took notice. In the months that followed, the candidates have come a-courtin.

I have met mayoral candidate Kathryn Garcia and was impressed. Her office has reached out to me and expressed support for our causes. I am pleased to note that many of her ideals align with ours. The QJAA ranked her as #2 and we wish her well.

I am sure that Eric Adams is a fine fellow. But in all the months that he has been running for mayor, he has never reached out to us. Many believe he’d be a good mayor, and so we are ranking him #3.

Almost all the mayoral candidates have promised us the world, but none as often and as sincerely as Andrew Yang. Politicians are known to make promises that they do not necessarily keep. But in Yang’s own words, “This isn’t a political thing for me; it’s a real-life thing.” Andrew does not owe the political establishment anything, because he is not one of them.

Andrew Yang has met with our community, talked to us, and has listened to our problems. He has promised to be there when we need him. Rest assured we will work to make sure that he keeps his promise.

When Bill de Blasio first ran for mayor, only a small percentage of New Yorkers came out to vote. The results of that election had enormous consequences for the welfare of our city – almost all of them negative. As we have clearly seen, elections are significant. Andrew Yang represents a clear break from the current sorry state of affairs. He is independent, has fresh ideas, and is appealing to the members of our society that we respect. Pay attention to the notable fact that the NYPD captains union endorsed Yang – their only endorsement to date in the mayoral race. Pay attention to whom Bernie Sanders and AOC endorsed for Mayor, Comptroller, Borough President, and City Council. Google it. We cannot allow them to win today, or ever. Let your voices be heard. Let our voices be heard. Come out and vote.


The QJAA also endorsed Ray McGuire as a 4th ranked choice for mayor. The group gave co-endorsements to both Elizabeth Crowley and Donovan Richards for Queens Borough President, and David Weprin and Corey Johnson for Comptroller. Michael Goodman received the Civil Court Judge endorsement. For the all-important City Council races where most candidates are up against the political strength of the DSA, the Alliance endorsed Sandra Ung in District 20, Linda Lee in District 23, James Gennaro in District 24, and Avi Cyperstein as #1 and Lynn Schulman as #2 in District 29. Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 22. If you are unsure of your poll site, visit

By Sorolle Idels, 
co-founder Queens Jewish Alliance for Action