American citizen and father of five Moshe Eliezer Ilovitz went missing in Israel one Saturday morning six weeks ago. It is hard to believe, but there are as many as 100,000 active missing persons in the United States at any given time. In Israel the numbers are much smaller but substantial. Each year about 30 people in Israel leave home and go missing. Families often turn to private investigators out of frustration with the police and other agencies. Yekutiel “Mike” Ben Yaakov, a volunteer who leads a canine search unit, claims the police in Israel are just not up to the task of finding missing persons. Frustrated families often turn to him but usually too late. The search for Moshe Eliezer Ilovitz is active and ongoing. The difference is that he is an American citizen. It means that not only does the Israeli law enforcement establishment and its political leaders have an obligation to find him, but American governmental officials have an obligation to find him as well.

The most oppressed people on earth today are the Yazidis. We, the Jewish people, who carried the same title for thousands of years, should be the first to acknowledge the plight of the Yazidis. While the UN, relief agencies, and liberal groups focus almost exclusively on the Arabs of Gaza, they completely have forgotten about the Yazidis. It makes no sense except for the fact that these groups want to constantly take swipes at Israel. They really don’t care about the real victims. They only care to beat up Israel at every turn. The Yazidis should be their priority.

With the first round of Democratic debates completed, America moved one step closer to a socialist takeover. It all really started happening under President Obama. Obamacare provides subsidies of over $700 billion annually. This redistribution of wealth was the first step. In the process, the medical profession got hurt, the middle class suffered inordinately, and healthcare for all was never achieved. Insurance premiums skyrocketed. Deductibles became insane and CEOs of insurance companies pocketed millions. Physicians, especially in private practice, have had trouble surviving.

Rashida Tlaib, congresswoman from Michigan’s most Democratic district, has created a firestorm from the very first day in office when she disgustingly vowed to “impeach the [expletive],” referring to the president. She obviously has her sights set to take over the Democratic Party and one day sit in Nancy Pelosi’s chair. Her daily diatribes and remarks only get worse. No one in Congress has ever used such language publicly in an open forum against a sitting president. On the day she was elected to Congress she draped herself in a PLO flag and declared, “My passion for justice is rooted in beautiful Palestine.” No one to my knowledge has ever been elected to Congress and draped themselves in any flag other than an American flag. She later had the gall to accuse American Jews of dual loyalty. She has a map of the Middle East with a sticky covering Israel with the word Palestine written on it. When Marco Rubio and Jim Risch tried to sponsor a bill opposing BDS, she made her infamous dual loyalty claim, saying they “forgot what country they represent.” The ADL issued a statement, “Though the legislation discussed is sponsored by four non-Jewish senators, any charge of dual loyalty has special sensitivity and resonance for Jews, particularly in an environment of rising anti-Semitism.” Rashida Tlaib has been linked to individuals who have supported PLO terrorists attacking Israelis and individuals who have openly called for Israel’s destruction with the not-so-veiled threat “From the River to the Sea, #Palestine will be free,” and individuals with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

For the past ten years, I have brought the present-day National Security Adviser John Bolton to the Israel Day Concert in Central Park for the express purpose of warning the world of the dangers of a nuclear Iran. Ambassador Bolton will tell you that he has been warning America and the world about Iran’s nuclear ambitions for a lot longer – more than 20 years. He has spent the latter half of his life devoted to getting rid of Iran’s nuclear capabilities. Yes, he believes regime change would be best, but everything is on the table.