Dear Editor:

As the coronavirus crisis grows and we are asked to shelter in place at home, our daily lives have changed. One constant for my wife and me continues to be Jonathan, our mailman. Despite all the challenges of dealing with the coronavirus, Jonathan comes through, delivering our mail. Receiving and reading the mail has become one of the daily highlights, one which we no longer take for granted. Keeping busy paying bills, making some charitable contributions to food banks and other worthy causes, along with reading our magazines and weekly newspapers delivered to our door, helps us pass the time of day.

Being retired, we have come to appreciate and enjoy getting the mail six days a week. A day without Jonathan delivering our mail is a day without sunshine! We can fully appreciate the connection between senior citizens and the local mailman. Hats off to Jonathan and all the other brave mail carriers who continue making their appointed rounds

During these challenging times, we also give thanks to our police, volunteer ambulance, fire, sanitation, nurses, doctors, deli, supermarket, takeout and delivery, fast food, UPS, FedEx, truckers, gas station, pharmacy, public transportation, utility, power, water, bank tellers, along with those producing critical medical supplies who continue working day and night. Don’t forget the radio, television, and newspaper reporters who continue to keep us informed.

There is daylight at the end of the tunnel.


Larry Penner


Dear Editor:

I believe that ALL conservatives and Republicans in the USA should return their relief checks to the federal government so that they do not become “unproductive” and shiftless “welfare” recipients and blood-suckers who are accepting “government hand-outs” and “something for nothing” and are “parasites” who are “overly-dependent” on being “subsidized” by the federal government which they hate.

We would not want them to become “libtards” as they refer to some of us who are “left-of-center,” would we?

To quote Al Pacino from “And Justice For All,” “I have now completed my opening statement.”


Stewart B. Epstein
Rochester, New York


Dear Editor:

Sergey Kadinsky put together a wonderful list of activities to keep us occupied as we are under quarantine. I wrote this having a moment to spare after situating my three kids with their various Zoom devices in our three different rooms. I am a bit concerned because the government just a released a warning about people up to no good on Zoom, but I’ll put my faith in the school teachers. The truth is all parks are closed so this article is not so relevant but it sure was chock-full of fun! The virtual tours are simply riveting and everyone should give it a shot. There’s also a tour of space that I can’t wait to try. Please publish more quarantine activities, we are safe... but we are bored!

Peshy R. (KGH)

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